Scandal – Street Punk

Written By Mark Jones

The street punk and Oi! scene is thriving in the UK at the moment and there has already been some outstanding releases in the first four months of the year. London street punks Scandal have added to this with the release of their new E.P ‘Street Punk’, which is available as a download from the usual outlets.

The five track E.P gets going with just over 2 minutes of ferocious punk that is ‘Trouble’ and I’m instantly in love with this band. Things only get better with the next song ‘Bad Reputation’ which reminds me a bit of NOFX (not a bad thing in my opinion) and has some great bass and drum fills halfway through. After the first two songs I’m thinking that it couldn’t get any better, how wrong I was as next is ‘Need to Learn’ a melodic yet still powerful track that almost knocks me for six. The brilliant ‘Working in the UK’ is next before the final track ‘It’s Just Punk Rock’, a great anthem to this subculture and music we all love and cherish.

After listening to this several times now it just gets better after each listen. Any labels out there should snap this band up because on this form I’m sure they are destined for great things.