Royal Oi! – There’s Gonna Be A Row

Randale Records
Written by Mark Jones

If you are a fan of Royal Oi’s debut album ‘Bootboys and Hooligans’ you will know that the 3 piece from Glasgow play skinhead anthems that are so catchy they stay in your head for weeks on end. What made this album different from other Oi! bands was the shared vocals between Davie and Ana which I was a big fan of. When the band announced early this year that the follow up was on the way I’ve been waiting with excitement to see if the band could match the brilliance of the debut.

‘There’s Gonna Be A Row’ kicks off with ‘Battle Ready’ complete with a football chant intro and I’m already sucked in. Next up is ‘Cowards & Bastards’, one and a half minutes of ferocious Oi! and yet another anthem to add to the many they already have from ‘Bootboys and Hooligans’. ‘We are Forever’ and ‘Stronger Every Day’ are next before the excellent ‘RFC’, an incredibly catchy song about their beloved Rangers. Ana takes charge of the vocals on ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll, an excellent song which sums up the band perfectly, no politics just playing Rock ‘N’ Roll. The title song is next before the infectious ‘If You Dare’ before ‘Still the Same’, a melodic gem of a song. The final track is ‘Skinhead Forever’, another catchy song which is a fitting end to this glorious album.

Some bands suffer from second album syndrome, but Royal Oi! aren’t one of them. ‘There’s Gonna Be A Row’ is a brilliant album with ten well-written songs that will no doubt get you singing and stomping along. If you thought the first album was good, then this is a must buy because in my opinion, they have produced a gem of a release which surpasses the brilliance of their debut.