Junto – Live To Tell

Contra Records and Longshot Music
Written by Mark Jones

Seattle’s Junto are back with four brutal yet melodic slabs of American Oi, if you were a fan of their self-titled debut EP then you will love this. Released through Contra Records and Longshot Music, ‘Live To Tell’ has tougher than nails songs that will leave their mark like you’ve been stomped on by a pair of DR Martens.

The title track is first up and what a stomper this is, heavy sounding, great vocals and brilliant guitar solos. ‘Last Call’ kicks off with another great guitar solo and the chorus is one that no doubt everyone will sing along to. ‘Upside down’ is a bit melodic than the previous two songs and certainly more than the final track. ‘War Within’ is a belter of a song, a brutal track under 2 minutes long about the pain in the arse that is depression, I’m sure that many people will relate to this, I know that I do.

There isn’t too much more to say about this apart from if you a fan of American Oi then ‘Live To Tell’ is definitely a must buy.