Haymaker – We Are Haymaker

Randale Records and Crowd Control Media
Written By Mark Jones

Haymaker are a 3 piece Skinhead Rock ‘N’ Roll band from Prague featuring Tim Steinfort ex-discharger (vocals & guitar), Tomas Ashtar (bass & vocals) and Vlad the Bulldog (drums). ‘We Are Haymaker’ is their debut E.P and features six tracks of excellent skinhead anthems.

From the off the band tell us what they’re about with the brilliant ‘We are Haymaker’ and ‘Skinhead’. Next up is the melodic ‘First To Die’, an anthem for the working man with an incredibly catchy chorus which will get you singing along in no time. The first half of this record has treated us to 3 great slabs of Skinhead Rock ‘N’ Roll and makes me wonder if things can get any better. I am soon proved that they can with the excellent ‘Hold On to Your Dreams’ before a cover of the Skinflicks ‘What I Am’, a well-chosen cover that non-skinheads need to listen to. For me, though they have saved the best until last with the incredible ‘Fear City Skins’, a melodic track with an excellent chorus that I just can’t get out of my head (which is no bad thing).

‘We are Haymaker’ is a cracking release that I can safely say will feature in many end of year lists including mine. If you are a fan of Skinhead/Oi! music then this is a must buy.