Gimp Fist – Never Give Up On You

Sunny Bastards
Written By Mark Jones

Gimp Fist need no introduction from me as they are one of the best bands the scene has to offer and prove this with each album they release. The Darlington street punks are back with ‘Never Give Up On You’, arguably their best album yet which is available now through Sunny Bastards which features 15 catchy as hell anthems that you can’t help but sing along to.

The album kicks off brilliantly with an introduction by the late, great Mickey Fitz before the excellent ‘Fists In The Air’ and if this doesn’t get your blood pumping then nothing will.’Wake Up Call’ and ‘Gates Of Hell’ are next and they both prove what excellent songwriters these guys are both musically and lyrically. After just 3 songs I’m already hooked but gems keep on coming like ‘Friends Like You’, ‘Tell Me’, ‘Same Sides’, and the brilliant ‘Ox-Blood Boots’ complete with a sample of Woody from This Is England and is quite possibly my favourite track on the album.

Even with six songs left I already know this will feature high on my albums of the year list but this band just keep churning out anthem after anthem and ‘Top Dog’ is an example of this and I could listen to it on repeat for hours on end. The album comes to an end with yet more great songs like ‘Social Media Politicians’, ‘Truth Be Told’ and the title track which is an absolute belter of a song.

Gimp Fist have yet again proved what an excellent band they are, the scene should be proud of this band and what they stand for. Not much more to say other than this is a must buy album if you’ve not got it already.