Dirty Barons – Rocket to Mongo

Written By Mark Jones

I spend quite a bit of time scrolling through Bandcamp looking for new music and one day I came across The Dirty Barons only to realise that I had been in university with lead vocalist/bass player Matt H, that being said there will be no favouritism here. The band also consists of Matt’ s brother Mike on guitar/backing vocals and Matt D on drums and they play Punk ‘N’ Roll influenced by the likes of Social Distortion, Rancid, the Yo Yo’s and the Wildhearts.

‘Rocket To Mongo’ has 11 melodic punk songs and from the opening track ‘Shape Of Things To Come’ I’m already sold, great guitar riffs topped off with Matt’s gravelly vocals. Next up is ‘Road to Redemption’, an excellent slice of punk rock which is followed by ‘Bitter Pill’ for me the best track on the album. The great start to the album continues with songs like ‘First To Last’, ‘Kings of Hopeless Town’, ‘Fugitive FM’ and the final track ‘Borderline’ which has a Bad Religion feel to it, which is no bad thing.

This really is a decent debut album and hopefully, there will be much more to come in the future. Also, this is available as ‘name your price’ on Bandcamp so it would be rude not to get yourself a copy.