Delinquents – About Last Night

Violated Records
Written By Mark Jones

Hailing from Dundee, Scotland the Delinquents are a 3 piece punk band that are just about to release their debut album ‘About Last Night’ through Violated Records. The band consists of David Hennessy(Lead vocals/Bass/Guitar), Graeme Jackson(Guitar/Bass/Backing Vocals) and Ryan Hughes on Drums and together they have mixed their eclectic influences that include Green Day, The Smiths, GBH and the Replacements into 10 delightfully melodic punk songs.

Kicking ‘About Last Night’ off is the brilliant ‘Ctrl.Alt.Defeat’, two minutes of powerful and melodic punk and I’m already impressed by the musicianship of this young band. The next 3 songs highlight the eclectic influences the band have, firstly ‘ACNE’ could be on an early Green Day album, ‘Not Your Problem’ is 49 seconds of ferocious punk in the vain GBH, and finally ‘Keep On Chokin’ which kicks off with Johnny Marr style guitar and for me is an absolute gem of a song.

‘The Fuck You Song’ takes the album in another direction with its folky acoustic style before brilliant ‘Valentines Day’, which takes us back to melodic punk of the earlier songs. ‘Never Gonna Fit In’ is next up before ‘Something to Prove’, a street punk song that is well written and played brilliantly well. ‘Waste of Time’ is next up before the final track ‘Next Generation, a melodic street punk song with a brilliant chorus, which for me is the best song on the album.

What I really liked about ‘About Last Night’ the first time I listened to it was the diversity of songs, but the more you listen to it the better it gets. The Delinquents have already played this year’s Rebellion festival but I can guarantee that this band is destined for great things and I for one will be with them every step of the way.