Booze & Glory Chapter IV

Burning Heart Records
Written By Mark Jones

It’s been 3 years since the last Booze & Glory album but they are back with a bang. Chapter IV features 13 tracks of street punk anthems and is released this month by newly resurrected Swedish label Burning Heart Records.

First up is Days, Months, Years a tale of people coming to London to earn money for short time but never end up going home even though that’s their dream. The song has an Irish feel to it and an excellent Banjo solo that wouldn’t be out of place on a Dropkick Murphy’s album. Since the band formed in 2009 in each album you can see a progression in the song writing and the musicianship and Chapter IV is no exception. ‘The Time is Now’ and ‘Back on Track’, have a positive message about living for today and not looking back, whilst the poignant ‘Life’s a Gamble’ is about Mark’s battle with cancer.

Three of the songs on this album were released as single’s last year, ‘Carry On’, the excellent ‘Blood from a Stone’ and ‘For the Better Times’. The latter has been changed from an acoustic anthem to a brilliant punk rock ‘n’ roll song with some Jerry Lee Lewis style piano courtesy of the excellent Buster Shuffle.

Booze & Glory have produced a fantastic album of street punk songs with sing along anthems that any young band should aspire to.