Bogans – Uno Mas!

Written By Mark Jones

The Bogans are a 5 piece punk band from Wrexham, North Wales and have just released their debut release ‘Uno Mas!’ which is available from Bandcamp. The band mix UK82 punk with 90’s American skate punk to great effect and the six tracks on this release have powerful riff’s, gruff vocals and great melodies that just get better after each listen.

Kicking things off is the excellent [Redacted], a melodic punk song with a great chorus and is a fine introduction to the band. ‘To What End?’ is next up and has a more frenzied sound than the opener but still remains melodic and for me is the best track on ‘Uno Mas!’. Next up is ‘Grandad’ followed by ‘Dumbskulls’, another 2 brilliant songs that prove this band means business. ‘Murdoch’ is a great little protest song attacking the right-wing media in this country before the final bonus track ‘Buckin’ Bronco’, just over a minute of ferocious hardcore.

The Bogans have produced an excellent record in ‘Uno Mas!’ which I urge you to buy. This will no doubt be played to death until their next release.

Purchase your copy here