Arthur And The Spooners – Skinhead Spoonstomp

Contra Records and Steeltown records
Written By Mark Jones

Arthur And The Spooners are a 5 piece band from Berlin that mix Ska, Reggae, Oi, punk, and hardcore to create incredibly catchy and fun music that you just can’t listen to without a huge smile on your face.  ‘Skinhead Spoonstomp is the follow up to their sold-out debut ‘All Spooned Up’ and features covers of The Ruts, Rancid, Wisdom in Chains and The Vanilla Muffins to name a few.

‘Skinhead Spoonstomp’ gets going with the excellent ‘Punk & Oi’ which sets the album up brilliantly which is quickly followed up by a fantastic version of ‘The Cost Of Living’ by Wisdom of Chains Next up is a catchy Ska version of ‘No Punkrock In My Car’ by the amazing Vanilla Muffins, just when I think things can’t get any better comes ‘Going Down’ a Bruce Springsteen cover. It’s the Clash’s turn to have a Spooners makeover with ‘From Brixton To Kingston and Back’ their take on ‘Guns Of Brixton’ which is followed by the excellent ‘Jimmy & Johnny’ which is a fun version of one of my favourite Rancid songs. The album continues with ‘Sick World’ before an excellent version of The 4 Skins ‘ACAB’, not quite as ferocious as the original but is still a great version. ‘Ska War’ takes on The Ruts ‘Staring At The Rude Boys’ and yet another great cover of a classic punk song. For me, the highlight of ‘Skinhead Spoonstomp’ is ‘ Spoonigans Heaven’ their take on the brilliant ‘Saturday’s Heroes’ by the mighty Business, which is followed up nicely by the final 2 tracks ‘Skinheads All Around’ and ‘What Happened’.

What I like about this album is that it’s not a run of the mill cover’s album, they have taken some classic punk songs added their own style and made them their own. Arthur And The Spooners have produced an incredibly fun album that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.