390 – Punk Resurrection

Written By Mark Jones

Hailing from Orange County, California, 390 are a four piece band that play melodic hardcore punk with songs that challenge the times that we live in especially the governments. After playing in alternative bands since the 1980’s, vocalist Ronnie X became frustrated with the rise of the authoritarian state in America and started to write music that reflected this, hence the formation of 390.

In the ten songs that are on ‘Punk Resurrection,’ we can certainly hear the frustration the band have with the political landscape, which a lot of modern day bands choose to ignore. Kicking off with ‘Don’t Want to be Controlled’ you already know that the band are doing things their way and they don’t give a shit. The album has some really good songs like ‘Nu You’, ‘Society’, ‘Anarchist’, and ‘I Hate the Government’, which for me is the standout track on this release.

This is a good debut album and if you are fans of bands like The Descendents and Bad Religion I recommend that you check this album out. I’m sure there will be more to come from this band especially with Trump in power and I’m certainly looking forward to it.