Hard Wax – Diamond in the Rough

Rebellion Records
Written By Mark Jones

‘Diamond in the Rough’ is the debut album by UK Bovver boys Hard Wax. Following on from last year’s excellent single ‘Kings of the Weekend’ the album features 11 songs about music, dancing and fighting which I’m sure would brighten up the weekend after a week’s work.

The opening track ‘Boot Boy Stomp’ is a great start to the album, a song with a great riff and about getting through the week and the enjoyment of the weekend where work is the last thing on the mind. ‘Your Time is Up’ and ‘In the Know’ lead nicely into the title track, a song about living for the day and making the best of what you’ve got. ‘Bringing Back the Noise’ shows the band are proud of this music, and rightly so, whilst ‘Move Your Feet’ is a song that will make you do just that.

For me, the song of the album is ‘Fight Tonight’ an in your face song with some excellent guitar riff’s and a bass line that smack’s you right in the face. For their debut album, Hard Wax have produced an album which I will no doubt be playing to death over the next few months and I’m sure you would too.