Razorcut – Common Enemy

RazorCut – Common Enemy

Contra Records

Written by Mark Jones

Razorcut are a street punk band from Melbourne, Australia who produce melodic yet powerful street punk. ‘Common Enemy’ is the follow up to 2015′s debut ‘Rise Again’.

I’ve been looking forward to this album since I heard the excellent ‘Lionheart’ and this album does not disappoint.  To get things going is ‘Our Time Is Now’, just over a minute of brilliance which sets down the marker for the rest of the album. Next up is ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’ a melodic yet powerful song which leads into the brutal, yet wonderful ‘Lionheart’. The first side of the album continues with ‘Shadowboxer’ and ‘The Old & the New’ before finishing with ‘Where you Belong(Blame)’ an excellent song, which for me will be a classic for many years to come.

The second half of the album continues where the first left off with ‘Common Enemy’ and ‘My Hate For You’ two fast, melodic and powerful songs. Next up is for me the track of the album,’Set Me Free’ a song that most skinheads will relate to and for me would be even better in a live environment. Next up is ‘Party’ a minute and a half of brutal street punk which leads us nicely to the final track. ‘We Are Not Defeated’ is a fine way to end any album, brilliant guitar work, melodic tune, great lyrics which make for an absolutely classic song.

What Razorcut have done with this album is nothing short of genius and will no doubt make many end of year list.